Guide to Types of Coolers and Tips to Finding the Right Cooler

Coolers are indispensable storage containers that every household should have, what with the numerous functions they provide. In addition to their popular affiliation with picnics and trips, coolers can be used for food preservation, for emergency kits, and for other general storage functions.

Coolers come in different types and sizes, with each one being suitable for particular purposes. Read on to find out what these different types of coolers are and what occasions or purposes each one of them serves best.

Disposable coolers mccoy cooler

Disposable coolers are coolers made from styrene forms and usually feature either shoulder straps or molded-in handles. These cooler come in varying colors and sizes but most models are between one and half to one inch in thickness.

Coolers of the disposable kinds are ideal for any and all occasions because they are very lightweight and handy. Also, these coolers are not as disposable as their name implies. In fact, you can use them until they are damaged, which can be a long time provided that you clean, care, and store them properly.

Plastic coolers

Plastic coolers are made from a hard shell of durable plastic. Like disposable coolers, they come in different sizes, colors, and thickness so you can choose depending on what food or other things you intend to place inside. Plastic coolers are generally more durable than the disposable kind but they are not as lightweight and handy. They are, however, the best kind of cooler to have if you spend a lot of time outdoors or if you play a lot of sports.

Thermoelectric coolers

Thermoelectric coolers are, so to speak, the most modern kinds of coolers in the market. These coolers function two ways: they can be used as coolers and also as heaters. However, they require a power source in order to function so their use is limited to outdoor activities in areas where there is a nearby power outlet.

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